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    Why Blog? Why Now?

    When I decided I wanted to blog about my journey with Vitiligo, I didn’t have a clue where to start. I was 33, had lived with Vitiligo all my life and hadn’t delved to deeply into my past as a girl with the skin condition that affected just 1% of the worlds population.

    Revealing who I was as a girl with Vitiligo, meant having to ‘open up’. Opening up about something that was very personal to me and that, for most of my life, i’d deliberately shut out because it wasn’t something I wanted to talk about. I was happy stepping out into the world as someone who ignored it, but deep down, it was impacting who I was and  how I felt about myself.

    In 2013, I was to appear on London Live. It wasn’t a decision I made quickly, after all, I could just about explain what it was too curious strangers, let alone sitting in a TV studio talking a live audience! Nevertheless, after much thought and encouraging words from my Mum, I agreed to speak out….

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