Last weekend, I attended the Skin Matters conference in London……the first of its kind.

Bringing together leading industry professionals, that included Dermatologists, Clinical Psychologists and panel experts, the aim was to raise awareness and further inform those living with a skin condition. The carefully planned agenda caused for an interactive day that benefited an audience that were mostly living with various skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea.

I was fortunate to be asked by the founder of Skin Matters, Lotte Benson to take part in the ‘The Lived Experience’ which included myself (as someone with vitiligo), alongside three lovely ladies who live day to day with equally distressing skin conditions. I got to meet the girls before the session at the end of the day, so by the time it came for us to speak to the audience, we were full of excitement and couldn’t wait to share our insights with the audience. It was so positive and uplifting sharing the stage with 3 other courageous women who confidently spoke about their experiences and how they’ve come to self accept and live confidently in their skin. I definitely took something away from hearing them speak.

Whenever i’m asked to speak, I always feel like I’m learning a little bit more about my own story as well as bettering my presentation and speaking skills, and whilst the whole experience can be pretty nerve racking (those nerves sometimes kicking in from the night before!), it’s always a great feeling walking off the stage knowing I got through, survived and hopefully inspired the audience in the process.

The conference was well received and is definitely needed as a way to bring professionals and those with the conditions together, because after all…our skin most definitely matters.

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