How Women With Vitiligo are Breaking Barriers and Becoming the Face of Global Campaigns


In 2018, the Vitiligo community had some serious major wins to be proud of. From features in magazines, to representing global fashion brands to being the face of beauty campaigns (which ironically many of us thought we weren’t), the past few years has created unimaginable opportunities that has allowed us to show off and celebrate our skin.

Its great to see brands are finally starting to ‘think outside the box’ and are looking beyond the women and models that resemble the Kylie Jenner’s and Gigi Hadid’s of the world, its definitely a time for us to be proud and so here are 4 stories I want to celebrate from 2018…

Amy Deanna; the face of Covergirl

Amy Deanna’s face quickly swept across the internet when she became the first model with Vitiligo to represent makeup brand, Covergirl. The campaign, I Am What I Am, carried the powerful message about being ‘unapologetically’ you.

In the 15 second ad campaign, Amy asks ‘Why try to blend in when you can choose how to stand out?’, whilst applying Tru Blend foundation to the patches on her face. It’s a phrase that resonates so much with women with Vitiligo, because for so long we didn’t want to stand out. We wanted to blend in. Hide in fact and for many of us, we would scour the market for the best products that disguised our skin as much as possible. Now, standing out is about being us, which is something so many of us are starting to do….

Gillette: My Skin My Way

When I first saw this campaign on Instagram, my immediate reaction was ‘wow’, brands really are changing the way they do things!

Bianca Schonhofer, from Vienna flew out to Mexico to shoot the 26-second clip which opens with her eyes looking deep into the camera and features her throughout along with a heavily tattooed model. On the Gilette Venus Instagram page, the message is simple. Be proud. Be Unapologetic. Be you. We are definitely listening…..

Watch the full clip here:

Aerie launch #AerieREAL

Back in summer 2018, lingerie brand Aerie, owned by American Eagle, launched the #AerieREAL which included 57 women (chosen from 2000 applications), with various medical conditions including a Paralympian and a cancer survivor. Incredible.

Representing for Vitiligo was Lexus Morgan, a great advocate for Vitiligo, who, just after the campaign launched commented, “I’m so incredibly grateful to have had this magical opportunity and experience. I’m so humbled to be featured in such an inspiring campaign alongside all of the gorgeous and authentically #aerieREAL women”

Revolution launch campaign with zero retouching

London based makeup brand Revolution launched their makeup campaign that included 24 models from diverse backgrounds including a 90 year old makeup enthusiast. Can you get anymore diverse than that?!

What I especially loved about this campaign was its ‘zero retouching’ ethos, which meant the campaign represented natural, every day women who didn’t have to hide behind airbrushing tools.

Right now, us girls with Vitiligo should be on a friggin high! None of these campaigns happened over night. Brands took a gamble when they decided to step away from ‘norm’ and invest in ‘us’, which ten years ago would never have happened…and I’m sure for many who are sharing their story and featuring in the campaigns like those I’ve mentioned, it took a long time for them to reveal themselves in such a public way.

It takes a lot to love your body and finally, not only do we love our body but others do too. Here’s to a good 2019…..


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