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    How I Learned to Love Makeup

    My first experience with makeup was just after my 17th birthday. I’d not long left school, was about to embark on my next chapter at college and had just started my first Saturday job as a part time sales assistant at Primark! Adult life was looming and much to my parents relief, they were almost free of funding my teenage social life!

    Makeup was never really something that interested me, in fact I’m not ashamed to say I was your average plain Jane at secondary school. I never owned a makeup bag and if I chose to sneak anything into my school bag that was closely related, it was a tin of vaseline, a high shine Collection 2000 lipgloss and a bottle of exclamation perfume!

    Soon after starting at Primark, it wasn’t long before my earnings started to burn a hole in my pocket and so I found myself splashing out on skincare and makeup products that would either enhance my skin or most importantly, disguise the patches on my face.

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