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Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by…Im not sure how you found me, but I’m glad you did!

I’d like to warmly welcome you to Being Just Us! My little space on the internet that became my storytelling platform in 2016 after I appeared on London Live to talk about the skin condition, Vitiligo.

Vitiligo, for those who might not know, is a skin condition where white patches form on the skin due to the lack of the skin chemical melanin. To break it down a little more and to create a visual in your mind, think Winnie Harlow, one of the fashion industries most current models and the late Michael Jackson.

Its a condition I developed when I was just 2 years old, so we’ve been together for quite some time! It started pretty innocently as a tiny patch on the back of my hand, gradually developing into an aggressive form of Vitiligo and turning me 70% white by the time I was 4 years old and so my skin is what brings me here today.

Aside from writing being my biggest passion, I decided to start my blog because I felt like there was a real lack of real life stories from other girls that shared the same skin condition as me. Whilst carrying out regular searches, I discovered alot of what I found focused on the medical side of the condition – the different forms of treatment, Dermatology, the challenges with being diagnosed and the work being done to find a cure. There was very little celebrating the condition and understanding what its really like to live with a condition that is so vibrantly visible. It was something I desperately wanted to see. So I created, what is now my ‘blogging baby’ Being Just Us which I decided would focus on all aspects – the positive, honest and negative aspects of Vitiligo…

My skin aside, let me give you a flavour of who I really am! I consider myself a pretty fun chick and consider one of my biggest passions to be travelling, in fact if I didn’t work full time, i’d spend much more time outside of the UK! There is nothing more satisfying than boarding a plane for a week in Dubai or a few days absorbing the sights in one of the worlds best cities! I have a teeny obsession with Avocado’s and fail to understand why I still hate the taste fresh tomatoes! When I’m not doing my regular 9-5 city job, you’ll likely find me dining out in some of London’s finest restaurants, lining up Amarettos Sours whilst catching up with the girls (I LOVE talking!) or studying something new at college because education doesn’t stop at 21….and of course putting pen to paper planning my next blog post.

Being Just Us reflects the idea that there isn’t just one type of beauty, but multiple, irrespective of what we look like on the surface. The eye sees beauty in so many different ways which is finally how I see myself. Hopefully my journey will allow others to relate. Those moments when you can say ‘I felt like that’ or ‘I went through that’ because ultimately, meeting people with a unique and similar background to me, is whats helped me with my own journey towards self acceptance.

Ive always been a writer and so blogging felt like a natural next step once i’d officially published my first post. I developed an urge to create a space where I could write freely and open up about my past. It became my outlet, and the more I wrote, the more I became excited about potentially connecting with girls just like me.

My skin is a constant reminder of my past and present, and is the reason why Being Just Us has come to be what it is. This is for you as much as me. I look forward to sharing my unfinished journey with you….

Natalie x

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