Welcome to Being jUST uS...

Hi I’m Natalie,

Welcome to my small space in the Blogging World, where I share a snippet of my life, mostly around living with the skin condition, Vitiligo. 

Im proudly part of the small percentage of the worlds population (just 1%) that has the condition and whilst there was once a time when I wished I wasn’t, I love that this is no longer the case. Being Just Us is my little space where I open up and share what its like growing up with a skin condition like mine…..



The Early Years

I became part of the 1% of the worlds population that suffered with Vitiligo, in 1984 at just 2 years old.

Its life started in the form of a white patch on the back of my hand on my mixed race skin. The patch was a stark contrast against the colour I was supposed to be and hoped I would always be.


Why Blog? Why Now?

When I decided I wanted to blog about my journey with Vitiligo, I didn’t have a clue where to start. I was 33, had lived with Vitiligo all my life and hadn’t delved to deeply into my past as a girl with the skin condition that affected just 1% of the worlds population.

Shades Of Pale: Vitiligo Project 2019

Earlier this month, I coincided a trip to Amsterdam with a photoshoot with Harlem based and award winning photographer, Elisabeth Van Aalderen who is currently working on a project that aims to closely capture the beauty of Vitiligo.