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Welcome to Being Just Us

Hiya! I’m Natalie and i’d like to welcome you to my small space in the blogging world, where I share a snippet of my life, mostly around living with the skin condition, vitiligo. 

Im proudly part of the small percentage of the worlds population (just 1%) that has the condition, and whilst there was once a time when I wished I wasn’t, I love that this is no longer the case. Being Just Us is the space where I open up and share what it was like growing up with a skin condition like mine…..

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Why Blog? Why Now?

When I decided I wanted to blog about my journey with vitiligo, I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going to start. I was 33, had lived with vitiligo all my life and hadn’t a clue how I was going to unravel the feelings, frustrations, emotions and the challenges I’d faced growing up with the condition. The first thing I had to do was go back to my childhood, the time when it started and the moment I realised I was different to a lot of the kids I knew….

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Shades Of Pale: Vitiligo Project 2019

Earlier this month, I coincided a trip to Amsterdam with a photoshoot with Harlem based and award winning photographer, Elisabeth Van Aalderen who is currently working on a project that aims to closely capture the beauty of Vitiligo.